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It's impossible to whittle down 6 months of absolute amazingnessss into one blog post, but I'll try my best to show you the highlights. First of all, working at Disney World is surreal. When can one ever say they spend their days dancing with princesses and hanging out with Peter Pan? I can. The Disney College program is a unique study abroad internship that combines both work and study into 6 months whilst living on Disney property.

Split into 4 campuses; Vista Way (or Vista Lay as it's more commonly known), Patterson Court, The Commons and Chatham Square is home to over 4000 college students from across the globe and America. I was accommodated in the infamous Vista Way and despite the rumours of being the 'ghetto' of Disney, I loved every cockroach infested corner of it.


Trying to make my dorm as girly as possible with a touch of sass. You can't go wrong with zebra print and flowers now can you?


My view of the lake from my dorm window

The Work

My job role at Disney World was an entertainment costumer. Although there are many Disney secrets that I have to carry to my grave, I can share with you some parts of my job that won't spoil the magic. An entertainment costumers role varies on the location your are trained and set to work in and it varies daily as schedules at Disney change all the time. One of the most exciting locations I was trained on was working the Electric Parade which is simply a parade with floats lit up with lights and for that I had to prepare performers costumes and  I was also trained in Tinkerbell's Magical Nook where I had to make sure their fairy dresses and wings were kept looking beautiful.

Photos courtesy of Disney 

Savannah and I were not so impressed with our costumes...

59515_10151443017407650_1599749437_nPlaying with my favourite pixie, Periwinkle after work

The Parks

Like most employers, Disney expects an extreme amount dedication and commitment from their employees and are very strict on what we say and do in our own time and on stage to keep the 'magic'. Nevertheless, the rewards for our hard work are extremely generous. As employees, we are given free reign to all four of the Disney amusement parks and water parks as well as guest passes for our friends and family so as you can imagine, our days off were never boring.

Shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Fantasmic, The Little Mermaid Journey are a must for Disney enthusiasts. Fantasmic is my all time favourite and I still cry every time I watch it.


Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios


The Food

Look through my iPhone and you'll be bombarded with all the food porn I have accumulated in the past 6 months. America is the home of amazing food (maybe not so good for you) but delicious all the same. Epcot is the park with all different countries, and there are themed restaurants in every pavilion. With cuisines from  Morocco, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico and even Canada there are no shortages on options, they even have a UK pavilion serving good ol' fish 'n' chips - my pit stop whenever I was feeling homesick.

The famous Man vs Food challenge - 'All but the Kitchen Sink'

One thing I recommend you try if you're ever in Disney territory is the 'Kitchen sink' challenge at Beaches 'n' Cream. It was featured on the TV show Man vs Food and is basically a composition of cake, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, strawberries, five scoops of different flavoured ice cream loaded with every topping you could think of, polished off with a whole can of whipped cream (and that's just from the top of my head). You can find the full list of ingredients here.

The Fun

All work and no play does not go down well in my books.You've probably guessed it already, but working for Disney means you get all access 27/7 to the parks. On my days off I would wander the parks as a guest and ride Space Mountain until I make myself sick.

However, as much as I love working for the mouse, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and I need to take a step back and get away from all things Disney related. With the world famous Daytona beach around the corner and Miami a couple hours drive away, it's easy to escape from Orlando for a day or two.






Now here's the part we've all been waiting for, the parties. A little secret us CP's (college programmers) keep is the party bus. The organization is in no way associated with Disney however they host parties for CP's and pick party goers up at our campus'es - EVERY NIGHT. Yes, every night there is an event at a different club in Orlando. From the Roxy to paint parties, trips to Miami and street parties, these guys have the hook up to it all.



Photo courtesy of Wil the Photographer 

The Sad Part

It's crazy to think I've managed to achieve so much in the space of 6 months, but doing the Disney College Program has been one of the most spectacular and life changing event so far in my life. Not only are some of my best friends from across the world, I have learnt so much about different cultures and most of all myself. Leaving this new life I had built and my new found friends behind was heartbreaking, but it only gives me a better excuse to travel the world and visit them.

Thank you Mickey Mouse for this phenomenal experience, it couldn't of happened without you!




For more information on how you can be part of the Disney College Program please visit www.cp.disneycareers.com

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