Walt Disney World: Making the Magic - California

One question I frequently get asked time and time again is 'how was Disney?' As you may or may not know last summer I embarked on a 6 month college program in Florida working at the so called happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World. I really regret not having this blog while I was out there to record all my shenanigans but I thought I'd write a post on my overall experience working for the mouse.

The first two weeks of the program were spent in California, in a little town called Riverside (motherf***er!). I would say these initial weeks were for induction purposes and to help us settle in the US whilst getting to know our fellow programmers. Here we met the rest of the students from around the world that were going to be in our group and given an insight about American work ethics and their culture. Our weekdays were spent trapped inside classrooms in 30 degree heat, however, on our days off we were free to explore California like proper tourists. By the end of the 2 weeks and 6 rented cars later we managed to squeeze in trips to Los Angeles, San Diego, Disneyland and even a Dodgers game.

Meeting students from countries such as Japan, India, France, Brazil, Spain, France and Canada was a real learning experience as it opened my eyes to different languages and cultures an amazing people. As you can imagine we spent most of our days sunbathing by the pool and nights partying with buckets of mojitos - (yes buckets- the french don't mess around) and foreign house music enjoying our last days of freedom before leaving for Florida...


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