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I've been back in London a little over a month now and it's only starting to kick in that I won't be waking up to sunshine and palm trees anytime soon. Swap the fresh coconut in the morning for skinny lattes and jaw dropping mountains for concrete skyscrapers. Sure, I'm back to my 9-5 job in the city but it hasn't stopped me from reminiscing over my summer adventures and past holidays...


One of my favourite places in the world, second to Rio is Turkey and I can't believe I haven't dedicated a post to Olu Deniz, Fetiye.

I travelled to this gorgeous beach village in southwestern Turkey three summers ago and quickly fell in love with the beautiful weather and friendly locals. A popular getaway for couples and families, there is plenty to do from traditional Turkish baths, scuba diving in the crystal sea or even topping up your tan. Companies such  First  Choice  offer  comfortable  resorts  to  5  star  apartments  in  the  Fetiye  area, so be sure to check them out for a hassle free holiday!




I adored the cute decor of our hotel, which was a short 5 minute walk away from the beach and close to the main road with all the bars and restaurants. Every night, the family friendly hotel provided a form of entertainment from belly dancers to fire- eaters.




The Blue Lagoon is a must see when visiting Olu Deniz. The water is so blue and clear it truly makes you feel like a mermaid.



DSCN0757I must admit I'm not so graceful coming out of the water - gotta work on that...  


DSCN0838 DSCN0841 DSCN0846

As you know, I love a good old hike. If you ever visit Olu Deniz, I discovered this little trail up the mountain that is perfect for watching the sunset - I'm not sure if it is still there but look out for the wooden hut by the entrance of the Blue Lagoon.



IMG_3643The sunset is this way Maria..


When I wasn't frolicking on the beach or climbing mountains, my favourite past time was to wind down with cocktails at my fave local ‘Buzz Beach Bar’- the cocktails here were top notch and the friendly bartenders even let me have a go at making my own ‘Sex on the Beach’!



IMG_3794VOILA! Not bad for a first timer


For a proper night out, take a cab to Hisaronu, which is roughly a 20 minute drive away. There are plenty of activities to choose from as it’s after dark when Hisaronu comes to life. (I heard the local drag show ‘Talk of the Town’ is popular!)




One of my many reasons for traveling is getting to taste different food from all over the world. I love Turkish food and was spoilt for choice by the fresh and authentic dishes they have to offer. The lamb claypot was my favourite. When ready, the waiter simply cracked the clay pot open revealing a tasty meaty stew that has been marinated for 24 hours. Enjoy with Turkish flatbread, salad and rice – Delicious!



DSCN0644Not the most visually appealing, but it tasted better than it looked I promise!

 Over the course of those 10 days, we ate everything we laid our eyes upon - so much fresh fruit, seafood, salads and meat







We were in shock when we saw a Chinese restaurant in Turkey. Honestly, Chinese food.. in Turkey?! We HAD to try it, so we saved it as a treat for our last day. Surprisingly it was pretty good!

I couldn’t leave Turkey without ticking scuba diving off my bucket list. We booked a boat expedition that took us far out into open water. Off to find Nemo we went!

As first timers, I had to train to get my beginner’s certificate... which I thought was a piece of cake until I bumped into a sea urchin - I'm kidding, scuba diving is A LOT harder than it looks. You have to learn how to control your breathing whilst balancing the pressure which prevented you from floating/sinking. Let's just say I escaped death by drowning a several occasions.
photoErrrr no thanks!



Olu Deniz is such a stunning place and I strongly recommend anyone who is in need of a peaceful getaway to escape to this Mediterranean retreat. Now, enough procrastinating and let me get back to my emails - until next time Turkey!

Have you visited Olu Deniz before? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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