Top 10 Makeup Crimes

Makeup is tricky to master, some days your makeup looks fabulous and other days it looks like a trainwreck. Here are the top makeup crimes I see girls commit time and time again:

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1. Colouring your eyebrows on too thick/dark

If you have to ask yourself, do my eyebrows look too thick? Chances are they probably do. Eyebrows should frame and define your face, not stand out. A mistake many tend to make is drawing their eyebrows on too dark. Eyebrow pencil should be drawn on in light feathery strokes. I prefer using eyebrow powder to create a more natural look (Sleek's Brow Kit is especially good) and finishing off with some clear mascara to keep them groomed and in place.

For blondes, choose a light brown shade. If you're a brunette - choose a shade darker than your hair colour- BUT NEVER USE BLACK!

Whatever you do, PLEASE avoid drawing crayon eyebrows.

2. Not blending your eyeshadow properly

This is one makeup pet peeve that I HATE. Eyeshadow is meant to look gradual, the colours should blend effortlessly into each other, unless block eyeshadow is a look you're going for (I highly doubt). Invest in a good eyeshadow blending brush - Real Techniques does a fantastic blending brush for £6.99 a pop.

3. Obvious lip liner

I see so many girls make this mistake - we're not in the 80's anymore, unless it's the look you're going for. Avoid this by buying a lip liner close to your lipstick shade. A shade darker is acceptable, anything darker is a no- no.

4. Too much contour

Contour is like magic, it can instantly transform you and give you cheekbones for days. But many people get overexcited and this is where it goes wrong. Contour is meant to accentuate what you already have - not fake what isn't there. Sometimes less is more and that's definitely the case when it comes to contouring. Use an angled brush and apply gradually, you can always build it up if it's not dark enough.

5. Orange foundation + white neck

It's such an obvious makeup rule but it's surprising how many people tend to forget to blend their foundation into their neck. There shouldn't be an obvious line from where your foundation stops and where your neck starts. Use your foundation brush/sponge in a circular buffing motion to blend it in.

6. Luminous streaky blush

Blush should be subtle and give a warm glow to your face. Powders are the best for a natural hint of blush, I tend to avoid liquid or mousse blushes as they don't tend to blend very well. Before applying, make sure you dust off excess blush from your brush so you don't end up looking like you've been attacked by paintbox.

7. Bleeding lipstick

How many times have you applied red lipstick just to have it go all over the place? Neaten up edges with a matching lip liner so that the colour stays in place. You can also cheat a sharper more defined lip shape with lip liner!

8.Pumping your mascara

This is another pet peeve of mine. When getting more mascara on your brush, swirl the wand inside the tube. This will get more product on whereas pumping your brush just traps the bacteria in the air into your tube - which you then put on your eyelashes - YUCK!

9. Flaky lipstick

Avoid this by scrubbing your lips after you brush your teeth in the morning. What I tend to do when my lips feel a bit flaky is apply lip balm, let it soak in for a few minutes and then take an old toothbrush to buff the dry skin off. Whatever you do, don't apply more lipstick on top of dry lips, it makes it look even worse

10. Not cleaning your brushes

It's so important to clean your makeup brushes every month (at least). Bacteria and product build up leads to breakouts and an uneven finish. You don't even need to splurge on fancy products, ordinary shampoo works just fine.

Hope this helps! What beauty mistakes have you seen?

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