DIY White Ripped Jeans

ImageI have been eyeing up these white ripped skinnies from Topshop for a while and as it's payday today I thought I'd treat myself. But knowing me and my love for a bargain I was still hesitant to succumb to the £40 price tag (I know it isn't much but I have a holiday to save up for!) That's then I came across this little gem during a quick browse in New Look - an identical copy of Topshop's supersoft Leigh skinny's!! - MINUS THE RIPS.


Of course I grabbed a sharp pair of scissors and a nail file and got crafty. To those who have never ripped their own jeans before, don't worry it's a piece of cake.

All you need to do it put the jeans on and make a small horizontal snip to indicate where you want the rips to be. Then, take them off and cut two horizontal slits across your knee. I used the Topshop jeans as a guideline to where they should be.

Once you've done that, use your scissor blade to fluff out the edges by running it up and down the sides, giving the rip a worn and natural look. To make the rip look extra worn, I then do the same this time using a nail file (you can use sandpaper if you have that).

Voila! If I'm honest I can hardly tell the difference AND I saved £20. What do you think?


If you're wondering where my top is from, I also picked it up during my rummage in New Look. It also comes with matching high waisted shorts and seeing as I'm in love with co-ords this season i couldn't resist!
ImageCoral floral box top and matching shorts - New Look £14.99 each

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