MAC Studio Fix v.s Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

Sorry guys, I think I've found 'THE ONE'.

Makeup lovers will understand the importance of the perfect foundation and after several years of trying out various brands I've hit the holy grail of foundations in Smashbox Studio Skin. I've been using MAC Studio Fix for the past two years as my full coverage foundation and although it is one of the few brands catering to my yellow undertone, I often find my skin breaking out and oily after a few hours.

Last summer I tried Smashbox's BB Cream which is AMAZING (I will do a post on this) so I thought to see what other products the Smashbox range has to offer. I intentionally only to repurchase the BB Cream however was drawn in by the Studio Skin. It's a medium to full coverage foundation that is oil free, sweat resistant, transfer resistant with added SPF 30.

Let me tell you this product is FLAWLESS. It's incredibly lightweight with the a flawless finish you can build up. I have a few imperfections from scarring and uneven skin tone but you can hardly tell I'm wearing any foundation. With one layer, I feel like I have nothing on compared to the heavy consistency of MAC's Studio Finish where I always feel like I'm wearing a thick mask of make up.

As I have oily skin especially on my T-Zone, I prefer matte foundations and it is hard to find a matte foundation without it looking cakey and this does just that. After a long day at work running around, the foundation has not moved or left my face shiny but a natural dewy finish which I love. Also - I did not have to powder my face once throughout the day which was a must with MAC ( I didn't even need to set it with powder after application!)

photo 1 photo 3 
Top Left - MAC Studio Fix NC42

Bottom Right - Smashbox Studio Skin 3.4

Now I know you're thinking the colour comparison is completely different but I specifically chose 2 shades darker than my normal colour (shade 3.4) as I will be going on holiday in a few weeks and my skin gets rather dark. Until then, I was kindly given a sample pot to use that is my exact shade (shade 3.2).

As Smashbox products are specifically designed to work best under bright camera lights in photo studios, there is no greyish undertone that you usually find in products with added SPF. It also means that the foundation stays put and withstands heat and sweat- which is perfect for a night out!

Unlike MAC's Studio Finish where you have to pay for an additional pump, Smashbox comes with a pump already included. Although it is a tad pricier, the benefits make up for for the price tag (the additional MAC pump is around £4 so it adds up relatively the same anyway).

photo 5

Here is a shameless selfie I took 8 hours after I applied the foundation just to show you that it has not budged! (no powder or retouching was used)


COLOUR: 10/10  - a wide range of shades for both yellow and pink undertones

COVERAGE: 8.5/10 - buildable and covers blemishes/scarring

STAYING POWER: 5/10 - last up to 8 hours but I find myself getting shiny after 1 hour after application and have to re- powder

PRICE: 5/10 - it does what it says which is offer full coverage but overrated in my opinion


  • SPF 15

  • Oil free


  • Covering blemishes short term

  • Dry Skin

  • Medium - Full coverage


COLOUR: 10/10  - a range of 16 shades that matches your exact skin colour, for pink and yellow undertones

COVERAGE: 9.5/10 - buildable and covers blemishes/scarring. Takes a minute or two for it to mattify

STAYING POWER: 10/10 - 15 hours, perfect for oily and combination skin

PRICE: 8/10 - a high end product but you get value for your money - I never skimp on a good quality foundation!


  • SPF 30

  • Water, sweat, humidity and transfer resistant

  • Oil-free and helps control oil


  • Oily or combination skin

  • Medium - Full coverage

  • Spot prone skin and blemishes

This foundation is my new favourite and I can't rave about it enough! Have you tried this foundation or any other Smashbox's products?

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