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10525577_10203499512541473_4042478996157097172_nHow could I possibly travel 5761.84 miles (YES I googled it) to Rio and not visit the famous Escadaria Selarón?

They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón who claimed it as "my tribute to the Brazilian people. There are 250 steps measuring 125 metres long which are covered in over 2000 tiles collected from over 60 countries around the world.

The Lapa stairs have featured as a backdrop in various media across the world such as magazines, movies and music videos - one being Snoop Dogg's hit - Beautiful. We recreated it, obviously.


Brazil is known for it's vibrant soul and I love how the bright bold colours of the tiles merge together to reflect this perfectly. Nothing screams Rio more than these steps.

10325243_10203499515781554_8054891823301357606_n   10505271_10203499514861531_4143938076584341728_n

1962860_10203499514541523_8448635257551375980_nMe and Edonne having our Yoko Ono & John Lennon moment...Let us be





Hello from Arcos da Lapa (Lapa arches)   DSCN1123

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