Istanbul: The Grand Bazaar

Our break in Istanbul came to a end far too soon. On our last day, we decided to take things easy and go exploring on our own - without our Turkish speaking chaperones. After being in the city for a couple of days, we had a vague idea of where everything was and decided to take an afternoon walk around the square.

No trip to Istanbul is complete without visiting the Grand Bazaar. The bazaar is where both the locals and tourists go to for their spices, tea and coffee amongst other unique treasures.

Rows and rows of brightly coloured spices perfectly arranged in miniature turrets filled the stalls.

Delicate concoctions of fruits and flowers for different types of teas, each one promising to aid specific health problems such as Alzheimer, diabetes and even a fragrant 'love' tea! - which the seller hilariously claimed has failed him as no-one has fallen in love with him yet.

And of course we finished our journey with a traditional Turkish coffee reading... which failed miserably.

IMG_9554Thank you Istanbul, you have been incredible! Have you ever traveled to Istanbul and what were your favourite places?
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