Greece: Island Hopping the Cyclades

It's hard to believe that two weeks ago I was sunbathing on a beach with a bottle of Mythos in my hand and today I’m writing this post cooped up in my office in a gloomy London.

After a much needed facelift, my blog is finally looking so fresh and so clean clean ;) In light of this, I will make it my goal to post regularly, as I have so much fab content to share! This summer, the boy and I wanted a sunny getaway, somewhere hot where we could tan and relax but also allowed us to run around and explore. After hours of research (me mainly) we decided that Greece would be the perfect choice for a blissful 14 day getaway that doesn’t make us have to dig too deep into our pockets.

Planning and research is crucial if you are planning to island hop, especially as a first timer. The Cyclades (from the Greek word 'circle') are a cluster of islands southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. We spent a great deal of time planning which islands to visit, as each island has something unique to offer. Mykonos for the partying, Naxos for the history and mountains, Milos for the caves/snorkelling and then Santorini – well, who really needs a reason to visit Santorini?!

We flew into Athens as this is central port from where most ships depart and stayed one night in the centre of the city, right near the Acropolis.

Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to take as many photos in Athens as I would of wanted to. For once I managed to put my camera down and just enjoyed 'living' in the moment. We only had less than 24 hours to see everything possible and wanted to take everything in.

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