Greece: Snorkelling in the caves of Milos

Like something you see on the postcards, Milos is a little island off the radar and less crowded than the other islands. We only got to spend one full day in Milos so we decided to go on a boat tour around the island and snorkel in the famous caves of Kleftikos.

If you are looking do a boat tour in Milos, I can't recommend Elias enough. He and his brother-in-law Dmitri run the tour off their cute little boat, Oneiro. Elias has been sailing the seas for 27 years and is so knowledgeable and charismatic it's hard not to feel comfortable around him. Spaces fill up fast as Elias's tours is rated number 1 on Trip Advisor and I can certainly see why!

We spent the day dipping in and out of the water, only pausing to get back on the boat and fill our hungry tummies.

Our day ended with freshly grilled octopus drenched in vinegar, plenty of ouzo and Elia's storytelling.

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